Waving Kurdistan flag!

I was searching on the web to find a waving Kurdistan flag but found nothing special. So I decided to create one of my own to share with anyone paying respect to this glorious flag! Here it is:

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On the history of the flag:
The modern flag of Kurdistan first appeared during the Kurdish independence movement from the Ottomans. It is said to have been created in the 1920s by the organisation of Xoybûn (Khoyboon). However, an earlier version of this flag was flown by the Republic of Ararat in Anatolia during the period 1927-1931. It was later the flag of the Kurdish state known as the Republic of Kurdistan in 1946, encompassing of modern province of west Azarbaijan in Iran centered at Mahabad (this province is predominantly Kurdish and is known as the ''Kurdish Azarbaijan'' in contrast to the predominantly Turkish province of east Azarbaijan in Iran). The flag is now flown by the Kurdistan Regional Government in southern Kurdistan. The flag is banned in Syria, Iran and Turkey. The main Kurdish characteristic of the flag is the blazing golden sun emblem at the center, which is an ancient religious and cultural symbol among the Kurds. The sun disk of the emblem has 21 rays, equal in size and shape.

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my heart is happy when i see that flag.

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