Kurds in shadow of history

Kurdish history
Below, I've provided a list of notable pre-Islamic Kurdish clans and/or dynasties whose names survived as tribal names up to the modern era. The list is certainly no limited to those listed by me. It's worthy of note that each of these played significant roles in political scene of the time they were shining.
Hezebani: descendants of the Adiabene; the medieval rulers of tracts between Arbil, Urmia, and Maragha.
Garmiyan: from Garmakan; in and around Kirkuk.
Rawendi: from Orontes. As Orontids they ruled over what today is known as Armenia and Azarbaijan. Their offshoots continued to keep their realm over the same areas during early centuries of Islamic era as Shadadids and Rawadids. The city of Rawandiz too takes its name from them.
Bokhtan: from Pactiana together with Armenia formed thirteenth satrap of Achaemenid empire. the city of Bohtan in northern Kurdistan takes its name from Bokhtanis.
Soran: from Suren. a very powerful Arsacid clan who ruled what is now known as southern Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan) during reign of Yazdgird of Sassanids. they continued to real the area up to midle of ninteenth century when attacked by Ottomans. Nowadays the southern Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish is called Sorani too.
Feyli: from Pahlavi. synonymous with Arsacid. Or more accurately name of language and people whose royal class named Arsacids.
Mardîn: a city in northern Kurdistan which takes its name from Mards, mentioned in Greek and Armenian sources.
Mihrani: who were one of the four clans united to support Saladin. they took their name from Mihranid a dynasty ruling Aran in the early Christian era, today known as Republic of Azerbaijan. (the name Aran is Kurdish for 'lowland')
Caf/Cafan or Jaf: from Gabiane of Greek sources. Jaf has been one of the most populous Kurdish tribes who dwelled mainly in southeastern Kurdistan. The city of Javanroud too takes its name from Jafs.

Actually as noted above the list is too longer than what listed here.

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