Kurdish cuisine: Berbesêl

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It's time to introduce a delicious food of traditional Kurdish cuisine. I promise posting more recipes in the comming weeks. The first recipe is about a tasty soup called ''Berbesêl'' pronounced: Barbasell. ( in some dialects it is called ''quraw''.)

Ingredients: (for 4 persons)
500 gr meat
1000 gr yoghurt (mast)
1 egg
1 onion
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
some salt, pepper, turmeric powder, dried peppermint (or thyme)

Firstly boil the meat in two or three glasses of water. In a separate pot mix the yoghurt with a glass of water and an egg and whip it. Heat the yoghurt pot while ''continuously'' whiping tills it is boiled. Add the yoghurt pot into the pot with the boiled meat. Add the fried onion which you already prepared in a pan. Add the spices. Finally keep heating the pot one more quarter on a low temperature.
Now the berbesêl is ready and you're about to taste a tasty Kurdish food. I recommend listening to a soft Kurdish music while eating! Bon appétit!


KULKA said...

my favourite is bryani and dolma :)))
but i will try that one soon!
thanks for the post.

Bella said...

Beautiful! :) I remember one with pearl barley and it was called "meyhir"

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