Jaban; The First Muslim Kurd

Although Kurds were among the first nations who severely resisted Muslim Arabs invasion to their territory for centuries, and even according to some accounts it was not up to the end of the medieval age that majority of Kurds embraced Islam, however the first Kurd who converted to Islam unlike what some people may think did not become Muslim through invasion or forced conversion by Arabs; but was a traveller -likely a merchant- named ''Jaban'' who was a companion of Muhammad. In the year 18 after Hijra, he came back to Kurdistan to preach Islam among the people of his homeland. He has been mentioned in several muslim sources including ''Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani'' who writes in his book ''Finding the Truth in Judging the Companinons'', 10 hadithes which are quoted by Jaban. In addition Jaban's son Abu Basir Maymun al-Kurdi ibn Jaban was a Tabi'i.

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