A Proposal For Latin-Based Kurdish Alphabet (1)

Kurdish language is currently written in two alphabets: an Arabic-based one used in central/southern Kurdistan and a Latin-based one in northern Kurdistan. There is a letter/sign in the Latin-based alphabet which does not exist in the Arabic one; It represents an often unstressed mid-central vowel. This letter is shown as /i/. Experience has shown us that this unnecessary letter just causes confusion for those who try to learn and write in Kurdish. My suggestion is removal of this controversial letter from Kurdish alphabet. If this is accepted then there will be no need to represent long /i/ as /î/ either, but normally as /i/.

Some examples:

Currently: Silêmanî
Proposal: Slêmani (a city)

Currently: Bira
Proposal: Bra (brother)

Currently: Girîng
Proposal: Gring (important)

Currently: Xir
Proposal: Xr (round)

Currently: Sitiran
Proposal: Stran (song)

Currently: Silaw
Proposal: Slaw (Hi)

Currently: Firîn
Proposal: Frin (to fly)

Currently: Jiwan
Proposal: Jwan (love talk, date)

Currently: Jiyan
Proposal: Jyan (life)

Currently: Hewir
Proposal: Hewr (cloud)


New said...

It is good to see the blog well and running. It gave me a scare for a moment after it was not updated for some time.

This point that you clarify is a very valid one and of utmost importance, I have said that many times and have hoped to see someone else approving such idea which I agree with completely.

In my humble opinion, I believe there are many flaws in the Kurdish alphabet, especially the Latin-based one. And that is due to the fact that it is almost a complete replication of the Turkish Latin-based alphabet which is incompatible with the Kurdish language.

One of the major flaws is the point which you clarified so well, the unnecessary inclusion of the letter (i) in many words at a time it is neither pronounced nor needed. In fact, such addition makes words unreadable and in most cases, give a different and wrong impression/meaning, taking an example that you have provided; the word (Hewir) which means (cloud), could be pronounced wrongfully as (Hewîr,هەویر) which means (dough)..!

I believe the existence of this letter has originated once again from the Turkish one which includes this letter and in most cases is not pronounced at all (such as the letter "u" in the word "minute")

That is why I believe it is essential to remove this letter exactly the way you proposed.


Again, I wanted to contact the admin but I could not find any contact link! Mr. Tigris, I would truly appreciate it if a contact link (Email) could be added to this magnificent blog.


Tigris said...

Yes, it is due to influence of the Turkish alphabet. I would be glad to see more flaws and proposals/suggestions regarding the Latin-based alphabet of Kurdish.
As for my Email address, it is now available on my profile.

Tigris said...

I received your kind email. It's a pleasure to see others interested in ancient history of the Kurds and their origins. I really appreciate it.
Thank you again!

Agri said...

I totally agree with you here regarding the latin-based Kurdish alphabet. There are some things that needs to be examined, amongst other the extra /i/ you named. Great blog!

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