Scythian mythology and Yazdanism

Yazdanism is a conventional name for the pre-Islamic religion of the Kurds, before it developed into three branches of Ezidism, Yarsanism and Alevism, now practiced by small communities in central, southern and northern Kurdistan, respectively. A peculiarity of these religions which they share together and basically originates from Yazdanism is belief in a heptad of divine beings. In Ezidism for instance, the world is in the care of a Heptad of seven Holy Beings, often known as Angels or heft sirr (the Seven Mysteries). Preeminent among these is Tawûse Melek or Melek Tawus, literally meaning ''The peacock angel''.

In Scythian mythology, which is sporadically known through Greek sources, a heptad of seven deities are worshiped, greatest of all being ''Tabithi'' or ''Tabiti'' who was ''queen of animals'' and ''godess of fire''.

Besides the resemblance of the name which fully corresponds with Kurdish historical phonology (b> w, θ>s, hence: Tabithi > Tawus), both divinities have smiliar characters: being the greatest of the heptad and queen of animals (peacock has been often described as such).

One more amazing similarity is that in the Scythian mythology, the heptad divinities each represent a planet, as in Ezidism in which each divinity has been created in a week-day, (week-day names basically represent planets).  

Another Scythian goddess, "Api", depicted as having snakes instead of legs (image), precisely corresponds with the famous Kurdish mythological character, "Shameran". 


KULKA said...

Hello hawre,
i am very glad to read about yezideh, as that religion is close to my heart - in general i am not too much religious, i dont follow any religion, to be honest, but yezideh is closer to me than others - i have a pic of Tawuse Melek in my room and i light up the candle on Wednesday - i dont know why - i just feel i need that. on my polish website blog i am going to write about religion as well and i am going to write more details about yezideh, coz i noticed some people think that yezideh prey to devil, thats not correct.
anyway i am waiting for more readings on your blog.
my best wishes.

Barham said...

God bless you for bringing this historical thing to the light!

When i mean god i mean YEZIDEH god!

zagros tsp said...

Blessed is Xwedayê Mezin's Light - that despite 'the slings and arrows' of such outragous fortune the history of Kurdîstan and the 'Kurda' is on the rise again. Let us bring Peace to Mother Earth O Yêzdanên Mezin. And as the tyranny of our oppressors draws to an end - let us once more bring Justice and chivairous order to this - the land of the first seed.

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