Pointed hats

Scythians are known with and are shown on the ancient relics wearing pointy hats.
Kurds also have traditionally been known for their pointy hats.

Kurdish militia 1896

Kurds from Southern Caucasus (Armenia), 1840

Kurds 1840s

Kurds 1885

Kurdish warrior 1800s

Kurdish cavalryman, 17th century, showing a mounted cavalryman wielding a spear. From an unidentified 17th century German work

Representives of Kurdish costumes from six different geographical locations.

The list of images goes on, and give us a clear clue about Kurds traditional pointy hats.


KULKA said...

hawre gyan.
i am always glad to know more about kurdistan and kurdish nation, so i am glad to read your articles and see the pics.
this time i have a question about something else - coz i keep writting blog on polish website, in polish language for people to show them kurdistan - and one of my articles is going to be about animals connected with kurdish nation and culture, like kew, kurdish wan cat or kurdish kangal dog. i would like also write about the fox (vulpes vulpes kurdistanica) and i would like to reffer to the text that you wrote in your blog - would you mind if i do that? i think its very interesting detail and i would like to share it with polish people.
my best wishes for you.

Tigris said...

Glad to hear that you are writing on such an interesting subject.
Sure Kulka, you are welcome to do that.
Wish you good luck!

KULKA said...

zor supas barezm - and i am starting to work.

my best wishes and i am waiting for your articles kak Tigris.

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