Hittite in Kurdish

After enlisting numerous remnants of Hurro-Urartian in Kurdish vocabulary and morpheme system,  now it is time to recognize loans which have entered Kurdish via Hurro-Urartian. The largest group of loans which have entered Kurdish via Hurro-Urartian belongs to Hittite, being in contact with Hurro-Urartian for millennia. It is worth reminding that the Hurro-Urartian form alongside the Iranic ''Syctho-Cimmerian'' the other pillar of Kurdish language.We had already listed Slavic lexemes entered Kurdish via Scytho-Cimmerian.
To clarify the situation following formula is helpful:

Kurdish is formed of
1) Hurro-Urartian (+ Hittite loans)
2)Scytho-Cimmerian (+ Slavic loans)
Of course at later periods, especially during post-Islamic period, Kurdish has also adopted loans from some other languages: (Persian, Arabic, Turkish, French, English)

Now, list of Hittite words in Kurdish:

Hittite: kulaka
Kurdish: kolaka (typical o<u in central and northern Kurdish)

Hittite: hasmi
Kurdish: xizm

Hittite: purut
Kurdish: pûrûd

Hittite: haster
Kurdish: astera, hastêrk (sounds more relevant to Hittite than to Iranic equivalents)

Hittite: tati
Kurdish: tati

Hittite: karpi (fury, anger)
Kurdish: kilpa (fiery)

Hittite/Luwian: kisha (to comb)
Kurdish: qizh (hair of head)

Hittite: tarkumia (to annonce)
Kurdish: dirkan-(divulge, disclose)

Hittite/Luwian: Hinkan (to die)
Kurdish: Xinkan (to die, smother)

The list is to be completed.

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