It's ''Kurdistan''!

One is often disappointed when reading shameful hypocrisy of some the western media and TV channels when it comes to an issue related to Kurdistan; especcially to northern part of Kurdistan. Western media which claims to be free and unbiased, in reality is unfortunately heavily in collusion with the Turkish fascist state's propaganda machine in order to oppress not only the rightful voice of Kurdistani people but even the very reality of existence of Kurdistan. In short, one of the most disgusting points in literature of the western media is their insist on using the offensive term of ''southeastern Turkey'' for (northern) Kurdistan; i.e. eastern, southeastern and southern Anatolia.
As a Kurdistani I invite all the open-minded and free individuals to oppose this disgraceful censorship of the name of Kurdistan.


KULKA said...

i fully agree with you - but what is significant, a lot of Kurds themselves call their motherland "north Iraq", "turkya", "Syria" etc. i am always trying to correct them, but years of political slavery made it very hard to change poeple's way of thinking.

Qazi Muhammad said...

This will change. Kurds are just too many (40 000 000 +) to be ignored in this highly technologically developed world. 20 years ago, when I was in Turkey we would not dare to speak Kurdish when we were outside of our house, now we have dozens if not more TV stations broadcasting directly to a living room near you, in Kurdish of course. How much longer can this be ignored? Also, I believe that fascist behavior (as in the case of the Turks) is or at least should be a thing of the past (say early 1930's) and Iran just can't last in its current form, federalism is a must there. Kurdistan in Iraq is free and practically independent, Syrian regime is on its knees right now and begs the Kurds to side with it...I guess times has changed.

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