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Did you know that there is a so-called country where animals' scientific names can be regarded as separatist-motivated?! Well, that is not a hoax, there exists one place by the name ''Turkey'' where this stupidity is a reality!
In Turkey any reference to the historic name of ''Kurdistan'' is officially regarded as an offensive blasphemy! The Turks' oversensitiveness for the name Kurdistan reaches a degree that not only the use of the word is considered a criminal offense, but also they alter Latin names of poor animals which because are found in the territory of Kurdistan bear the name Kurdistan!

An example of this ridiculous name alteration is a beautiful animal called ''Red fox'' which its Latin name is ''Vulpes Vulpes Kurdistanica''. The genious Turkish officials have come to the conclusion that this name is contentious and divisive!
What can be said about this? This alknower Turkish officials should be awarded with something for making use of their genious brains. It's really pathetic...

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KULKA said...

i think these people have serious mental sickness. they are not only scared of animal names, but aslo of some letters like W,X,Q...
biji vulpes vulpes kurdistanica!

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